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Costeno Beach Hostel is home to the surf shop, All Good Surf. All Good Surf was the first surf school in this area. Lessons are available for everyone from beginners to advanced surfers. We have surf classes all year round. The conditions of the ocean can change daily, it is a good idea to contact the staff at all good surf to coordinate classes so you get the best possible experience. They have a wide variety of surfboards, bodyboards, and paddle surfboards available. All our rentals include a leash and lycra if necessary
Once a week we light a bonfire on the beach in front of the hostel. We hang out, talk to friends, play music, and watch the stars. *This activity will not be available during turtle season*
The perfect opportunity for musicians who want to share their music with us or those that appreciate live music. once a week we provide the stage, you provide the music
If you want to learn to surf and it is your first time, this activity is perfect for you. Once a week, they will help you with the basic principles in our pool so that you can later apply them in a surf lesson in the sea. * This activity is subject to availability of the surf school
Our parties are the best on the coast. With incredible invited artists, beautiful decorations, and an inclusive atmosphere the parties are unforgettable. Check our Instagram for dates and artists!!
We have a wide variety of surfboards, bodyboards and paddle surfboards available for you. All our rentals include a leash and a lycra shirt if necessary.
Prepare your best song! In solo or groups, you can share your favorite song with us every Wednesday
Are you competitive and do you like to win? This activity is perfect for you! Every Tuesday we have our Beach Volleyball tournament, where you can meet new people. Play well and you can win a bottle of rum for your team!
For people that love relaxing on the beach and enjoying good music, we have a Sunset DJ every Sunday and happy hour. It starts from 4 pm on the beach so you can dance or just chat with friends on the beach with the best energy
Estéreo Beach is the main festival that we organize every year. Now transformed into a new format and new name, El Baile Sagrado, it is a highlight in the year of all our friends and guests!! Listening to the best of national and international artists, incredible decorations and interactive activities make it an event you should not miss. Check for videos and photos on our Instagram
We have yoga classes every day at 8 am and 4 pm, with advance registration at reception.
Form teams and meet new people, we do this activity once a week
Our Salsa night and afterparty Friday night. Free salsa and Latin dance classes kick off at 9 pm, after we continue the party with a DJ and some drinks.
We have massages any time you need it, just go to the reception to reserve it at the time you want. We have massages starting with half an hour, up to an hour. We also have Spa Day, this includes a 1-hour massage, exfoliation with chocolate, and herbal bath.
Take advantage of sunny days! Going down the Buritaca river in an innertube, enjoying the view, a few rapids, and the company of new friends. This activity is available every day in the morning hours. You can book this activity at the hostel reception
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